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Europcar Group further expands its network of General Sales Agents


Europcar Group further expands its network of General Sales Agents

In recent years Europcar Group, a major player in mobility markets, has accelerated the development of building a large network of General Sales Agents (GSAs) throughout the world. Those agents are a great resource to attract customers globally and to promote Europcar Group worldwide.

GSAs constitute a great addition to support the development of Europcar Group’s new business and revenue opportunities.

Already established in 34 countries, GSAs are now being deployed in the countries where Europcar has its own subsidiaries such as France, UK, Ireland and Belgium, developing further sales and marketing activities with a focus on outbond and cross-border business.

GSAs represent a valuable and growing sales channel for Europcar along with On-Line Travel Agencies, Brokers and other intermediary channels.

As Europcar Group expands its brands portfolio and delivers more and more mobility solutions, GSAs are able to propose various offers to their customers.

Accelerate the international deployment of our mobility solutions is fully part of our strategy and GSAs are one of our pillars to continue to strengthen and expand globally. Having GSAs in new European markets is a great opportunity to accelerate the benefit of our outbond and cross border channels and we are now assessing GSAs proposition in some additional countries. We hope to be able to open further GSAs later this year to reinforce our sales network.”, explained Marcus Bernhardt, Managing Director of the Europcar Group International coverage Business Unit.

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