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Europcar Mobility Group applies Environmental Contribution  for all drivers as of 2019, January 1st


Europcar Mobility Group applies Environmental Contribution for all drivers as of 2019, January 1st

On 2018, September 1st, the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP), new global procedure to measure vehicles emissions, replaced the current New European Driving Cycle (NEDC), which had been in use since the 90s.

It was created following the “Dieselgate”, in order to better reflect CO2 emissions with a realistic vehicle usage, in a context of rapidly growing consciousness that they have reached an unsustainable level for our planet.

As the leading player of the car rental industry in Europe, with a fleet of more than 350.000 vehicles at Group level, we believe that reducing our environmental impact is a collective responsibility: our responsibility of course, but also the responsibility of all the drivers we serve on a daily basis.

This is why, as of January 1st, an environmental contribution will apply to all our rates, for all drivers. It will be based on CO2 emissions levels taxation, hence depending on vehicle category and country legislation.

This environmental contribution will help us sustain our fleet mix optimization program, involving all our brands (with a progressive roll out beginning with Europcar and Buchbinder: France and Germany in January, UK on April 1st), so as to constantly keep our CO2, as well as particles emissions to the lowest possible levels, basing this fleet mix on the latest and cleanest motorizations provided by manufacturers.

Our Group fleet structure is already “CO2 light” (average vehicle renewal cycle: 9,2 months, average CO2 emission level: 115,9 g / km), but we are convinced that – with the support of our customers – we can reduce this environmental impact even more.

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