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Europcar Mobility Group: a new leadership setup  matching our group strategic framework and long-term ambitions


Europcar Mobility Group: a new leadership setup matching our group strategic framework and long-term ambitions

On November 22nd, Caroline Parot, Europcar Mobility Group CEO, declared:

“As a leading player in mobility solutions, our network – powered by digital – has become a strong platform on a daily basis, serving 6m customers wherever we operate, be it for one hour, one day, one week or longer.

Following the publication of our good Q3 as well as YTD results, we are now in full acceleration of our “Leverage & Scale Up” strategic framework and are reinforcing our leadership setup.

I am confident in our ability to fully achieve our ambition for the next years and become the preferred mobility service company for customers.”

This evolution of the Europcar Mobility Group’s leadership setup is guided by 3 convictions:

1/ Following the swift repositioning of the Group, from a mono-brand, mono-business, car centric model to a multi-brands, multi-businesses and customer centric model, the Management Board  is strengthened.
This will allow Europcar Mobility Group to grow further, serving more customers and more mobility usages and needs, everywhere the Group operates, leveraging its strong network platform capabilities.

In this context, as of January 1st 2019, the Group Management Board will be composed of:

  • Caroline Parot, Group CEO ;
  • Fabrizio Ruggiero, Group Deputy CEO, Head of Business Units (Cars, Vans & Trucks, Low Cost, New Mobility and International Coverage) ;
  • Olivier Baldassari, Group Chief Countries and Operations Officer, joining on January 1s t ;
  • A Group Chief Customer and Commercial Officer will be appointed in 2019.

After 8 years within the Europcar Mobility Group, Ken McCall, Group Deputy CEO, has decided to step down as a Management Board member, with immediate effect. The Supervisory Board thanks him for his strong contribution to the development of the Group over the last years.

Ken McCall will remain in charge of Countries and Operations until the end of the year and then hand over to Olivier Baldassari.

Olivier Baldassari is currently VP Operations and Logistics for the USA at Rexel, where he strongly contributed to the transformation of the activity. He has a recognized experience in Operations and in Technology as enablers of transformation, implemented across different business environment and cultures. Previously, he held different senior management positions at Rexel (in France and Southern Europe), Delphi Corporation and at Smurfit Kappa.

A position of Group Chief Customer and Commercial Officer, – with Sales, Marketing and Customers initiatives in this scope – is created. The creation of this position stems from the need to further improve the customer experience proposed by all the brands of the Group’s portfolio, and manage all the business streams which contribute to the Group’s topline under one strong leadership.

Fabrizio Ruggiero, Deputy CEO, Member of the Management Board, currently in charge of Sales, Marketing, Customers and Low Cost, will stay acting on this scope in the transition period.


2/ The Business Units organization of the Group (Cars, Vans & Trucks, Low Cost, New Mobility, International Coverage) is now fully operational, with dedicated business models and strategic developments. The integration of Goldcar and Buchbinder within the Business Units has actually been completed in less than 9 months. All the BUs experience good growth momentum and additionally, will now focus on leveraging assets and scaling up customer reach, in a strongly consistent & coordinated way.

In this regard, Fabrizio Ruggiero, Group Deputy CEO, Member of the Group Management Board, will ensure full speed strategy deployment of all Business Units, as Head of Business Units, as of December 1st.

José-Maria Gonzales
, currently Managing Director of Europcar Mobility Group in Spain, is appointed Managing Director of the Cars Business Unit as of December 1st as well. José-Maria Gonzales will accelerate the transformation of the historical business of the Group, relying on digitalization and lean structure programs.

The leadership of the other BUs remains unchanged.


3/ Digital transformation is at the core of the Group’s strategy. After the launch of the Click & Go program* to fully digitalize the customer journey, Europcar Mobility Group is now accelerating the digitalization of its operating and organizational model with new ways of working, to boost the platform capacity and thus deliver first class solutions and services to its customers.

In this context, Alexandre Crosby, founder of Ubeeqo and Leader of the Connected Vehicles program** is appointed Group Chief Product Officer and joins the Group Executive Committee, as of December 1st, reporting to Caroline Parot, Group CEO.

In his new role, Alexandre Crosby, will take all digital developments under his leadership, so as to ensure swift roll out and ramp up of strategic programs, such as Click & Go*, Connected Vehicles and Network as a Service (NaaS).

As a result, the Group Executive Committee is composed of:

  • The Management Board members,
  • Juan-Carlos Azcona, Managing Director, Low Cost Business Unit,
  • Marcus Bernhardt, Managing Director, International Coverage Business Unit
  • Aurélia Cheval, Group Chief Strategy Officer,
  • Xavier Corouge, Group Chief Marketing and Digital Officer,
  • Alexandre Crosby, Group Chief Product Officer,
  • Stéphane Deux, Group Chief Information Officer,
  • José-Maria Gonzales, Managing Director, Cars Business Unit,
  • Denis Langlois, Group Human Resources Director,
  • Yvonne Leuschner, Managing Director, Vans & Trucks Business Unit,
  • Luc Péligry, Group Chief Finance Officer,
  • Franck Rohard, Group Secretary General,
  • Sheila Struyck, Managing Director, New Mobility Business Unit.

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