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With Ubeeqo, Europcar Mobility Group accelerates the development of its offer by doubling the number of self-service vehicles in the “Grand Paris”


With Ubeeqo, Europcar Mobility Group accelerates the development of its offer by doubling the number of self-service vehicles in the “Grand Paris”

Ubeeqo, the market leader for self-service vehicles in Paris, operating in 11 major European cities, has experienced continuous growth since the launch in 2015 of its self-service vehicles offer for the general public. With the largest fleet in the region, Ubeeqo wishes to keep responding to the transport requirements of Ile-de-France residents. Ubeeqo is planning to increase its available fleet by 25% by October, and to ramp up its fleet by doubling the number of vehicles by the end of the year. The fleet is also expected to include 150 electric vehicles.

Thanks to the Ubeeqo mobile application, the 8,400 or so active users in the Ile-de-France region can easily reserve a self-service vehicle for a short period between 1 hour to 30 days. The vehicle is offered at two rates: with or without a subscription, from €4 per hour and €29 per day. This service, which operates in a closed loop, is intended for users who wish to make a return journey, as the vehicle is returned to its original rank. This is thus ideal for trips from home, whether for a shopping trip, visiting family and friends, or escaping for a few days!

Continued fleet increase in Paris and in the inner suburbs

As the leading fleet in the region with 320 petrol and hybrid vehicles, today, which are made available to the residents of Paris and the Ile-de-France region on a daily basis, Europcar Mobility Group’s subsidiary has doubled its fleet size since 2017 and will double it again by the end of the year, in order to meet its growing number of users. Furthermore, the service will soon record its 600,000th rental hour since it was launched!

“The transport requirements of residents in the Ile-de-France region are changing fast, in terms of both practicality and immediacy. We are currently registering over 1,200 bookings per week. The Ubeeqo fleet will reach 400 vehicles by October 2018, i.e. an increase of 25%, compared to today, in order to adjust to the strong growth experienced by the self-service vehicle rental market. We are going to add even more vehicles to our fleet by the end of the year, in order to increase it to 600 in total”. – Emmanuel Nedelec, Managing Director of Ubeeqo France.

An affordable, practical, and sustainable mobility solution

At a time when a car remains stationary over 95% of the time (Source: Global Transport Survey: motorised transport and use of cars in the Ile-de-France Region – October 2013), the Ubeeqo mobility offer aims to encourage people in urban centres to get rid of their personal cars and switch to multi-modal transport.

Ubeeqo’s aim is to offer city dwellers a self-service vehicle rank within 500 metres of their home and/or workplace. This is how the Europcar Mobility Group subsidiary intends to encourage the residents of the Ile-de-France region to change their habits and switch to an environmentally-friendly mode of transport. In fact, the fleet’s vehicles meet the requirements of the air pollution prevention plan, by offering low-pollution petrol and hybrid motorised transport.

Ubeeqo, which has been granted the “Shared Vehicle Service” certification launched by the Paris Town Hall in 2017, has contributed to promoting the car-sharing phenomenon in the capital, and has been assigned parking places for its vehicles. Its operating method is now easier to understand, and has been adopted by Parisians. However, a large majority of the inhabitants have not yet been made aware of this service. A communication campaign aimed at promoting the service will be launched in the autumn of 2018.

“As a global provider of mobility solutions, our aim is to simplify our customers’ day-to-day journeys, by showing them that there are attractive alternatives to owning a vehicle. Some services offered in urban centres and local authorities – such as renting self-service cars – are still not sufficiently well-known, and it is important to showcase them. We will be able to convince users, and enable these new practices to take hold in people’s minds, by carrying out awareness efforts. Our ramp-up in Paris and in the Ile-de-France will make that work easier” – Caroline Parot, CEO of Europcar Mobility Group.


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