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“As European leader in mobility markets, Europcar wants to take concrete action to meet the environmental, social and societal challenges facing its market and to act responsibly. Our approach forms an integral part of the overall strategy and values of our Group. With Commit Together!, Europcar has defined an ambitious roadmap and strong commitments to support the Group’s CSR transformation.
I am convinced that strengthening our CSR efforts contributes to improving the overall performance of the Group. With this in mind, we are committed to constantly raising the level of our CSR requirements and to increasing our efforts in order to achieve economic, social and environmental success together with all our stakeholders.”


Europcar’s ambition is to be one of the leaders in the mobility sector, offering innovative and tailored solutions to meet customers’ personal and professional transportation needs. In 2017, the Group’s customers traveled more than 7.5 billion km using its vehicle rental or car-sharing services. 

By encouraging vehicle use over ownership, Europcar is putting the functionality economy at the heart of its business model, helping to minimize the resources spent on vehicle construction and, thanks to the onboard fuel economy and emissions savings technologies of its modern fleet (average age of vehicles about 9 months), also helping cut fuel consumption and emissions. That said, the Group is very conscious of the environmental issues it faces, given its international presence, its numerous businesses and the sector in which it operates, and of its social and corporate footprint. The Group is convinced that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a key factor in its success and sustainability, if it is to carry on its business and meet its growth targets.

This is why Europcar has created “Commit Together!” this year, a pioneering strategy built around four main commitments that define our four priorities for sustainable success. This strategy, endorsed by the Group’s corporate governance bodies, is the result of a consultation and analysis of key stakeholders’ CSR expectations (employees, suppliers, customers, investors and franchisees) as well as analysis of the associated impacts, risks and opportunities.

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2005: Adhesion to the principles of the United Nations Global Compact.
2008: Publication of its first environmental charter, certified by Bureau Veritas.
2009: Launch of drive for ISO 14001 certification for all of the Group’s European operating subsidiaries, renewed every three years since.
2012: Publication of Europcar’s fi rst CSR report to meet the non-fi nancial information publication obligations of its reference shareholder Eurazeo.
2013: The Group reaches the Active level of the United Nations Global Compact.
2015: Appointment of a Group CSR Director in charge of defining and steering the CSR strategy for the Group and its Corporate Countries.
2016: Launch of the Group CSR Ambitions 2020 strategy and establishment of a dedicated governance structure (Strategic CSR Board, CSR Operations Committee, country CSR managers, etc.).
2017: New identity for the Group’s CSR strategy with the launch of “Commit Together!”.

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